Dave’s Story

In November of 2018 at just 39 years old with no family history and no symptoms besides a sense of fullness in his stomach, Dave Pizzini was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer fueled by an extremely aggressive genetic mutation; shattering the normalcy of the life he created with his wife and four young children. He began chemotherapy treatments immediately after and has received infusions since then.

In the face of death, Dave made a complete lifestyle change and has responded very well to his cancer treatments. He is doing everything in his ability to pursue the status of “No Evidence of Disease” (NED) and will likely remain in treatment indefinitely to achieve and maintain this. Dave is courageously fighting and thriving with the love and support of his family and friends through this battle.

We often wish we could help our friends faced with these unimaginable situations, knowing that love and support is not always enough. The out-of-pocket expenses of Dave’s life-saving cancer treatments are cumbersome, especially for a single-income family.

The Pizzini Promise Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created to alleviate some of the burden of the financial costs for the Pizzinis and families like them, so we can help their focus remain on what is most important — winning the battle against cancer. Please consider attending or sponsoring our next event, or making an outright financial contribution to the foundation to assist these families during these very challenging times.